If you didn’t get all your tears out during the first go, here’s another shot at it.

It’s been confirmed that the Bong Nhung Muon Khoc/ Suddenly I Want to Cry cast members will soon reunite to shoot the sequel. The drama, both part I and II, is written and directed by Vu Ngoc Dang …. who is currently trying to dot the right i’s- or in this case the o’s- to begin film production.

Although cast and crew have done a good job on keeping mum regarding the plot, Tang Nhat Ha broke the silence when she told fans that the sequel will be very different from the first and will definitely try to exceed expectations.

No airing date have been set as of yet nor have a station even been selected to air this sequel. The drama was previously aired by VTV. However, its past popularity and current skepticism to appeal to viewers could easily change that.

Some members of the Cast and Crew from Part I:

Tang Thanh Ha

Luong Manh Hai

Hieu Hien

Van Anh

Minh Tuan & Chi Thien