The anticipated teen TV series will officially premiere March 2nd, airing every Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays at 9:10 PM (VN time).

Despite the circling controversies, producers of Nhung Thien Than Ao Trang/White-Shirted Angels have finally confirmed it’s hosting station being VTV3 as well.

Những Thiên Thần Áo Trắng began filming since April 2009. Director Le Hoang confidently stated, “I decided to make this because Vietnamese TV drama sucks big time!”. Well um, who can guarantee his drama will be any better? I mean, as if the pink didn’t already make you want to slap a ho, what’s with the sailor hats?! And don’t even get me started on those socks…

Anyway, because of that statement, much more information regarding the series were leaked. In addition, the fact that shooting wrapped up nearly a year ago but the series still haven’t premiered yet have attracted even more publicity for the series. Many sources assume that the series will never launch due to the mentions of many sensitive topics in VietNam’s education system, as with the drama Thu Tuong/ Prime Minister of the same director Le Hoang a few years ago which was not allowed to air.

Like Bo Tu 10a8, Những Thiên Thần Áo Trắng will also try to present the ever-controversial theme: school is not just for studying but also a place for students to show off their personalities, passions and dreams. The main character is a smart & pretty girl named July Miu (Anh Nhat). She recently returned from studying abroad and asked for permission to enter a gifted class in an international school at home.

Far from passive and shy, July Miu nominated herself to be the leader of the class to other students’ surprises and admiration. From there, she started teaching her classmates how to cope with many constraints in school. With some help, July convinces others against studying by “memorization and regurgitation”, mindlessly taking notes like a robot, and getting tutored from their home teacher. (This can only be understood by Vietnamese students; besides going to school, they usually have to go to their teachers’ houses for additional tutoring sessions or else they would automatically be behind & get bad marks in class.)

My Duyen, Anh Nhat, Phi Thanh Van

Midu, Tung Lam

Unlike other dramas consisting of one main story throughout, each episode of Nhung Thien Than Ao Trang will raise a different problem. There will also be a weird but reasonable and convincing solution for each.

The drama features a popular young cast such as Midu, Kubi Thanh Hai, Nam Cuong, Mai Phuong, Tung Lam, Anh Nhat…etc.

Press conference:

My Duyen (Khi Yeu Dung Quay Dau Lai)