Amongst Vietnamese celeb couples, I’m sure we’ve all had just about enough of Cong Vinh- Thuy Tien love dishes. I mean, it’s lovely how they are so much in love and plastering the public media with praises for each other but after an exessive amount of it, we’re all near overload. My point is, though their love is real and sincere, telling the entire nation too much of it just makes everything sound superficial. They don’t just say it, they make sure we see it as well:

Personally, I think Thuy Tien needs to kick her make-up up several notches. She has been donning the same make up  style for the past 2 years, and you can notice it right off the bat in her photos, music videos, in Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc and on stage! It’s like without looking at the picture you can already describe her look. Cong Vinh on the other hand, looks like he has gotten more muscles on those arms. Man is also clearly less camera shy now compared to the last photo shoot with Thuy Tien. The couple looks great but Thuy Tien’s lips are just getting too much attention.

On a side note, Thuy Tien claims the 2!Dep photoshoot above was initially not meant for public distribution. However, the magazine agreed that they will only use pictures showing their upper parts from under arms up.  Though I must admit, the tats are hot. 🙂