Yesterday a bed sex photo circulated on the internet, where the man was verbally abusive to the female. The man in the photo was suspected to be half VietNamese Mr. Hong Kong-06-turned-ex-TVB-actor Francois Huynh.

Rumors spread yesterday that there was a taxi driver who picked up a cell phone that had sex photos in it and a 20 minute video clip of the sex. Although the clip was not uploaded online, but 9 photos were uploaded along with the detailed description of the contents of the video. In the video, the man was rudely shouting at the female to make love with him, then made a peace sign (V) in front of the camera after the moment.

As seen in the 9 photos, the man was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt with the his side view on the up close camera angle. The man and woman were in several different positions having sex, there was also a photo of the male half-naked sweating. But the pictures were too blurry, the faces of the two having sex were unable to be identified. There were only 3 photos that the man’s appearance could be seen, but the silver watch that man had on was different from the black watch that was seen from the sex clip. There are suspicions that the man is former Mr. Hong Kong Francois Huynh.

Francois left the entertainment industry after he started dating wealthy man’s 3rd mistress Karen. They eventually broke up later. Before he worked at his god-mother Christine’s restaurant as a manager, but in the end he left and went to work at a modeling company.

Yesterday reporters contacted the modeling company looking for Francois to ask him about the sex photos, he was stunned after learning about the photos. Then he politely accepted the interview outside of the company, he strongly denied that the man in the sex clip was him, asked if he lost his cell phone recently? Francois said: “No, my phone had always been with me. It doesn’t mean anything if there are pictures in it. (Are you worried?) I haven’t been worried, I never done such thing, never took such pictures, never have! The media and my brother (Stephen Huynh) have already called me to comfort me. (Would your phone have these types of sex photos?) Never had or will, I simply use it as a phone, it is a low-tech phone, I don’t use my phone to take those things. It’s kind of interesting how I just attended a premiere and now there’s this news, what a coincidence! But this will not affect me. (Will you go online to look at the pictures?) I have no interest in looking, I have my own family and friends that I need to protect them. Someone wants to mess with me, well they are messing with the wrong person. I left the entertainment circle two years ago, they can’t mess with me. (Do you have to explain to your girlfriend?) I have no girlfriend. (Have you been messing around with love relationships?) No, someone is clearly trying to frame me, but I will not think about who it is. (Will you take legal action on this?) No, I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Francois ex-girlfriend Karen expressed over a phone interview that she’s shocked to hear that Francois is being accused of taking sex photos. Asked if she’s worried? Karen expressed: “I absolutely have not take these types of photos before. When we were dating, he never asked to do it. He just has a westerner’s personality wanting to go to beaches or in the car (meaning for sex…lol). (How do you feel about this incident?) I have to go to a meeting, wait until I see the pictures first before we talk.”

Karen strongly said that she does not have a hobby of taking pictures, but said that Francois has a western personality, wanting take action on the beach or in the car, Francois was asked about his response towards this and his tactics on getting a girl? He said: “That is too far, I have been involved in too much, I don’t want to respond. This is my last time responding, I will not do so anymore in the future, unless it is clearly seen in the photos or clips that the person is me. I never did this and anybody could write these things.”

From: GrooveAsia.Com