This is way random but we had to share.

I, myself, have never experienced  a VietNamese school life past Kindergarten, but somehow I have this huge white Ao-dai fetish. It’s not so much the attire that gets me but the whole vision of what’s usually associated with the uniform: a group of friends hanging out together under a certain campus tree, leisurely walking home while snacking on street-stall foods, chicken fighting with Hoa Phuong stamens…all that corny stuff one probably wouldn’t appreciate until it has either past or ..well in my case, never getting to personally live through it. However, second-hand experiencing it  through Dong Nhi  & Baggio in “Thu Ba Hoc Tro” wasn’t so bad either. 😛

Anyway, what I originally wanted to share is some scenic photos of Hanoi school campuses drenched in the symbolic white  Hoa Sua (Alstonia angustiloba aka Pulai tree) blossoms from this early Spring. Along with Hoa Giay (Paper flowers/Bougainvillea) and Hoa Phuong (Delonix Regia), Hoa Sua is also commonly associated  to the traditional campus sights in VietNam (primarily HaNoi).

“Hoa sua” (milk flowers) are to Hanoi what magnolias are to the southern US; their fragrance is quintessential to the city, written about by poets and longed for those who are far from home. Milk flower trees line the city streets and infuse the cool night air with a tart-sweet fragrance when they bloom in mid-fall/spring. (from an online comment by peaseblossom)