Blatantly easy enough?

The following excerpt is from an interview in a recent issue of The Gioi Van Hoa magazine featuring little miss Bao Thy:

Q: “Cong chua Teen va ngu ho tuong/Teen princess and five brave generals” was not quite the “bomb” as  it was advertised. What do you think is the reason?

B.T:  From what I am aware of up-to-date, the movie is making good profits for the producer. This is proven; all of my friends and fans said that during Tet holidays, the theater room was always full!

Q: How many times have you watched your movie? If you had the chance to redo it, do you think you can do better?

B.T: I have seen it twice. Both times I noticed audiences were very excite.d in each scene of the movie. I watched it for entertainment and I think my first role was extremely successful. ( wow! )

Q: How would you self evaluate your acting skills?

B.T:  My leading role “Britney Bich” requires a lot of emotions, vicious attitude, and a despicable persona. As a young singer, I am not afraid my character will be hated but only tried my best to show the character. Therefore, if I had to grade my first role, I would give it the highest grade!

Q: But some people say that your acting is still stiff…

B.T: I don’t know who that came from but since the movie premiered, I have only received good feed-back and praises. All my colleagues agreed I acted naturally and with good expressions, even the most fastidious ones.

Q: Some reviews assumed that you had chin augmentation which makes your smile look unnatural…

B.T:  Haha many people have asked why I owned such a unique chin. I’ve had this chin since I was a baby so do I need to show you my old pictures? (Please, let’s share!). Personally I think plastic surgery is nothing bad. However, right now I am very pleased with my facial features and my body figure. Recently I have been offered to be the brand ambassador of many famous beauty lines; therefore, I am very confident in my beauty. Let me re-confirm again, since I was a baby until now, me-Bao Thy- have never touched plastic surgery!

Because that last statement nearly made me want to backhand my computer screen, let’s stop there for the sake of my inadequate wallet.

In other news, check out the new heavily circulated video of Bao Thy’s mini fan doing a music video cover of the big hit Ngoc Nghech/Stupid. Who knows, this little girl might just be the next Bao Thy in 10 years!

However, heed our advice youngn’, stay in school!