There might be plenty of strange fans that exist today but an interesting few in particular have caught the public’s eye as well as ours. Here are our Top 5 fanatical nominees: 

Let’s start with My Tam. We all know the diva can rock a wide variety of music genres: from syrupy ballads to hard rock to young pop and even traditional folk, her versatility have earned her one of the most diverse FC in the nation. However, when we think of fanclubs, we usually think of teenyboppers who don’t mind showing up at concerts to support their idol by wildin’ out. It’s not everyday that we get to see a middle aged man bust some serious moves at his favorite popstar’s “formal” music show.

Wanbi, on the other hand, has an adorable little fangirl that should still be well under the age of any kind of hormonal activity. But what was just too cute was the fact this same little girl which had no problem perfectly memorizing her idol’s hits, can’t seem to distinguish between “Nhac Nguoi Lon/Adult music” and “Nhac Thieu Nhi/Children’s music”. Apparently, “Chau Len Ba/I Turn 3” –a popular nursery rhyme song–is  for adults and Wanbi’s  “Loving U” us for babies. Haha, but omg you guys, she even has the little FC shirt and everything. How precious is that?!

Speaking of mini fans, the weird little girl that has been publicly noticed for her Bao Thy-lipsync videos is also a must mention. I assume we’ve seen enough of her.

Moving on to a more touching story, Luong Bich Huu’s #1 fan is actually a disabled 19 yr old girl named Võ Trúc Duyên. At 4, she was involved in a serious accident where her head was harmed and has since then been paralyzed. However, when a news report ran an article about her situation recently, Duyen expressed she was never sad or lonely. With the help of technology, she has participated in many Luong Bich Huu-related activities and was even voted by fellow FC members to be the leader of Luong Bich Huu’s Can Tho-based FC. At any major gigs where Luong Bich Huu is present, we could most likely count on Duyen’s supporting attendance as well. You can even see her in Huu’s YAN Live segments:

Our last but not least noteworthy fan also happens to be a VietChannel-er. Name’s Tom Nguyen. Occupation – artist.  Marital status – unidentified. Fan of – Ngan Khanh. Favorite past time? cleverly photo-shopping himself into Ngan Khanh’s pictures…evidently. As creepy as ‘habitually updating his Facebook with Ngan Khanh photos’ sound (almost as creepy as how we even know of this), this Tom is definitely one of the most hilarious fans we’ve ever encountered. Check out some of his work: