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2/15/11: We’re not dead, I swear. But R.I.P laptop, you’ve done much for VCWP despite all those system crashes in the middle of my entries every other day/night. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

This may or may not pertain to you:

If you have been with us since the earlier days of this blog, you will know that we post about both famous AND barely famous people which does include just random models, talented teens, even Youtubers. Just because some are portrayed popular on this site doesn’t always mean they’re famous nationally. We like them. We post. We simply figured more overseas people from the younger generation would become interested about more things Vietnamese if the stars weren’t always the typical old ones which numerically speaking, we could probably count on all 20 fingers and toes. It’s a generation gap we’re trying to fill and an ocean’s distance we’re set out to bridge so if that for some reason displeases you, there’s a wonderful littleย  invention called the Exit button so convenientlyย  located on the top right corner of your browser.

To make everyone’s life less complicated, if you’re one of those people with the mentality that everything in the marketย  & teen market is shitty, please refer to this genius Exit button. If you’re one of those people that are embarrassed about your own country & people, definitelyย  refer to the button. If you just like to troll, save your time, save our time, refer to the button. If you’re one of those politically obsessed extremists….we are a gossip blog for crying out loud. VietChannel will certainly not host your radical propaganda about anticommiegovernmentwhateverblahblahblehblehsquirrelsfhsdyo.

The blog was originally created to share pop culture and just random other VietNamese things that overseas Viets have lost contact with including folklores and daily traditions…we think it’s about time we revisit the old concept. Yes, we did also post about hotboys & hotgirls so if that just absolutely disgusts you, remember, the term was first given toย  well-rounded popular young people rather than the misconceived “just looks/untalented”. However if you think you’re too mature for such things and is currently snickering at the thought, we must remind you that you’re not obliged to read anything here.

VietChannel is a free service. We don’t get paid nor will we pay you for bashing the home industry just because it’s not up to par with what you’ve been exposed to in other leading world powers….or just because you don’t know enough of it and assume everything here IS the industry. We coverย  probably a good 3% of the total news that’s out there andย  because we specialize in younger-generation/internet-phenomenaย  related trends, honestly, taking what’s here and concluding that everything sucks is a HUGE generalization on your part.

We are in NO way reflective of the FULL entertainment industry which currently, IS thriving as we speak.

It’s not that we can’t handle your irrational conclusions/assumptions, it’s just that most of the time, we swear it’s like ya’ll pull background info straight from your pants to support it. We could probably write a whole book on all of theย  little factors involved in a prosperous industry but we’ll save that for later. The overall fact of the matter is, the inavailability of many services is what accounts for most of the unprofessional results you see…even with good investment. In addition, the low morality support, as excessively evident,ย  is also a huge hindrance. You people have GOT to quit being so pessimistic.

Moving on, if you seriously want substantial news, we suggest VietNamNet or ThanhNien. Sorry that we can’t pleaseย  everyone.



PS: We would like to commend those that have been nothingย  but total sweethearts since our early VCWP days. We greatly appreciate your peace-keeping personalities and support.