We have said before that due to the movie De Mai Tinh/Deal With It Tomorrow’s release date being in late April and that the Media Download section of their website won’t officially launch until then also, everyone should probably just stay patient to find out. However, we have underestimated the investigative power of netizens and already, all tracks featured in the trailer have been identified:

2nd Trailer

1. “Maybe” – Antoneus Maximus featuring Kathy Uyen

2. “I’m Forbidden” (Vietnamese version) – Thanh Bui & Ho Ngoc Ha

3. “Em So Dep/You so pretty” – Antoneus Maximus

1st Trailer

4.  “Chỉ tại vô tình/Only Because of Heartlessness” – Ho Ngoc Ha

The music video for Thanh Bui and Ho Ngoc Ha’s duet of Bui’s very own recycled composition, “I’m Forbidden”, is directed by Tina Diep from SFP (S Film productions) and will be released ………..maybe you guys can tell us that too ;).

Photo courtesy of Olivia Marty/SFP & Duong Khac Linh’s Facebook.