This sweet little lady from the teen sitcom, Bo Tu 108, will soon be known as a scheming bitch?

It’s almost too hard to imagine Chieu Xuan portraying anyone else but the adorable & loving mother of Phuong Linh & Do Do. However, best believe it. In the new Big Foot production called Nước Mắt Phương Xa/Tears From Far Away (official English name: Girl With No Number), miss Xuan’s character will purely be hated.

As a wealthy bid-ness woman named Kim Ngan who strongly disapproves of her son Tran Hieu’s (Luong The Thanh *squeals*) unprofitable relationship with the beautiful but impoverished Phuong Ly (supermodel Bebe Pham), she will sabotage their love forcing Phuong Ly  to finally move off to Saigon. Unfortunately, the financial burden will even have her resorting to shady marriage agencies where she will then become a victim of human trafficking. Being forced into slavery, violated by her cruel new husband-turned-master and abused by his accomplice – his real wife – Phuong Ly’s only ray of hope is the bond she forms with a special-needs child and together they search for a way out of their imprisoned lives.

The thriller (? according to IMBD) is predicted to hit theaters this year.

Check out the trailer:

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For more information on the cast & crew, check out the official movie website, here.

Award winning actor Luong The Thanh as Tran Hieu

Famous supermodel Bebe Pham as Phuong Ly

Jay Laisne as Mitch Mallory

Elina Madison as Connie Mallory

Adrienne Ugarte as Anna Mallory