*Cue dramatic music*

The singer/actress/model have canceled several promotional appearances and have been MIA from stages for over a month, now. Netizens and the media are both scratching their heads in curiosity: what happened? where is she? and how scandalous is this?

Before her disappearance, Miss Hot Commodity was last spotted in the United States working on a promotional calendar-type photo shoot. Not long after, the cancellations began without any explanations. Her manger/publicist refused to comment on any questions regarding her whereabouts or give reasons for her absence. They simply stated that she was unable to attend.

Rumors have been spreading throughout the public grapevine ranging from exhaustion, vacation and even pregnancy with the spankin’ rich boyfriend–Cuong Dollar. The two was previously spotted very cozy on vacation together and all smiles during family outings. Their relationship, reportedly, have gotten more serious.

Photographs of Ho Ngoc Ha and Cuong Dollar:



Ho Ngoc Ha attempted damage control by releasing a statement that she is still in the biz. She is only limiting promotional appearances but will continue to work on her music and  releasing singles during this time. Ha has kept mum on all rumors explaining that this is her decision and  everything will eventually be old news/netizens will move on.  However, there is stillno word on how long her promotional freeze will last.

Her statement, of course, only fueled more buzz on the possible pregnancy theory. Netizens believe that  Ha is purposely hiding the baby bump by resting abroad. Momentarily, she is  on many netizen’s most wanted list. A man-hunt, or in this case a woman-hunt,  has even been declared.