Check out their 2nd stage collaboration (1st was at the Duyen Dang Vietnam 2010/Charming VietNam 2010 concert) of musician Giang Son‘s famous classic, “Giac Mo Trua/Midday Dream“,  below:

Linh Nga, daughter of well-known ballet couple Dang Hung and Vuong Linh, is considered one of the most talented dancers in Viet Nam. At the age of 12, she left to study at the Guangxi Dance School and the Beijing Institute of Dancing for ten years and has won prizes from competitions in Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Beijing. In 2005, she also took gold at the Viet Nam National Song and Dance Contest.

On the other hand, Tran Thuy Chi’s success story dated back to when she was only an underground pop act in the girl-group TSD Band. Her beautiful, clear & high pitch vocals eventually turned her into one of the most highly rated young singers.  Today, when audiences think of Thuy Chi, most think of a very humble & talented young singer who is very rarely seen with make-up. It’s actually the simplicity that makes her stand out amongst the large field of  glamorous stars.