And we sho don’t mind.

Le Kieu Nhu‘s first-ever novel, Soi Xich/The Chain, traces the tragic & emotional life of a young woman who originally was very happy on her wedding but is later living a gloomy life because of her husband’s erectile dysfunction. The loneliness slowly transforms to depression and  resentment when she learns all of her husband’s lies. She silently lives with sexual desires, metaphorically speaking, with her fate ‘chained’ down. Because her husband is so deeply in love with her, he  discards any tricks to keep her next to him; he tortures her, envies blindly, ties her in the house and takes care of her like a baby. With her human desires, she releases her sexuality to another man who is only half her age. The release comes when the woman is free from the chain that has limited her life. Unfortunately she could not escape from  the hurt and continues facing more problems.

The Chain is not the first Vietnamese novel that touches upon such racy subjects. However, it has been criticized as amateur and unpolished.  After reading a few paragraphs quoted from her novel, many readers revolted its publication due to its coarse language which levels those seen in “pornographic  forums”. However, woman refuses to give up and will continue writing after this first one.  (Yea….that’s the spirit. -_- )

The copyright for this novel is also quite expensive with a revenue of 100 million VND (~6000 USD ) per year. She even rented 5 star hotel New World to host a press conference for its release as well as distributed partially nude photos of herself as party favors.

I’m telling you, the woman is dead serious about her novel. UnFortunately, no one else seems to be–The Chain has officially been banned from bookshelves. Le Kieu Nhu could not get approval from the City Cultural & Media Department  to sell her novel and approximately 2000 copies were recalled from book stores.

No luck in singing. No luck in writing. Better luck in………… Please just stop.