… if his request for a lighter sentence is denied.


However, this public declaration to reduce his punishment only caused the board of leaders of his own team, Ha Noi T&T, to further penalize the star striker by dismissing him as team captain and slapping him with an EXTRA 50 million VND (~2600 USD) fine citing  improper conduct. Double ouch!

Cong Vinh recently went public regarding his latest soccer scandal- apologizing for his behavior and accepting any fines that are imposed. Even so, the striker states that as a professional player, he cannot stand the thought of missing 6-games, roughly 3 months, of the season.  After careful considerations on his part, Cong Vinh may hand in his resignation letter pending the final decision of his 6-games penalty.

The board believed that the striker made an irrational and childish decision wagering his career. Childish enough to fine him with yet another 50 million VND for marring the company/CLB (Cau lac bo = club)’s image and for improper conduct under the company’s contractual regulation. (The 50 million VND accounts for a portion of Cong Vinh’s contract + 3 months of bonuses). In addition, goalkeeper Duong Hong Son will replace Cong Vinh as the new team captain.

Ha Noi T&T club will also help Cong Vinh appeal to VFF by suggesting a 2-game suspension with a 5 million VND fine instead. Although they believe the penalties were overly harsh, they strongly agree with the federation that each athlete should be held responsible for their actions on and off the field.


In light of his senses, Cong Vinh withdrew this resignation after the release of Ha Noi T&T’s statement. The striker promises to work harder and to not further disappoint his fans. Losing nearly 60 million VND  (3120 USD) in a span of 3 days does that to a person.