So I lied. A simple photoshoot apparently meant absolutely nothing to persistent netizens who won’t rest until their questions are answered. You’d think that by now, they’d just drop it. But that obviously wasn’t the case.

Fans recently uploaded even more pictures of Ho Ngoc Ha at the same promotional event for shampoo brand Sunsilk (HNH is their longterm spokesperson) online and while the woman is practically skeletal, hawkeyed netizens were still quick to point out “the questionable belly” (as shown above).

These pictures have  since then been circulated to many online forums which in result, collected fairly equal amounts of suspicions and doubts. What do you guys think? Should everybody just chill and go eat a bowl of pho?

With MC Danh Tùng (also the male lead from currently airing drama "Grandma Doesn't Eat Pizza")