Hotboy, Le Huynh Anh (aka Recca, 18) from department 7 of talent agency, MTS (drama Lap Trinh Cho Trai Tim‘s leading male actor, Minh Tiep, is also from the same agency), is a reoccurring face in HaNoi’s teen prints. He has guest starred in TV sitcoms Bo Tu 10a8 & Oshin Chạy Tết and has been featured in countless other T.V. commercials but it won’t be until later this year that we will get to see him on the big screen.

In an interview with 2sao, Huynh reveals that he was unexpectedly asked to participate in the movie Bi Dung So/Bi, Don’t Be Afraid by director Phan Dang Di after a random first passing. The director thought he looked & moved exactly like one of the characters that he envisioned.

Although Huynh’s dialogue is little to none throughout practically the whole production, it has been said that the toughest roles to portray are those that favor expressions over words. Silence leaves room for interpretation.  When done correctly, it is an art. And this is exactly what Bi, Don’t be Afraid is predicted to be considering Phan Dang Di was also the scriptwriter of multiple award winner Choi Voi/Adrift.

The script of Bi Don’t Be Afraid has already won  the “Asia Outstanding Project” award of the Pusan Promotion Plan at the International Pusan Film Festival in October 07. After entering L’Atelier (which basically functions like a huge grant that mentors rising filmmakers and helps finance their projects) at the Cannes Film Festival 08, the script was then officially selected as one of the only 15 projects from around the world to be invested in.

Anyhow, Bi Don’t Be Afraid is currently still in post production in France. For More information on the film, click here.


Many thanks to Ta Quang Tuan for the heads up.