Hey guys,

Due to college and lack of time to further manage this blog, we’re reallly sad and sorry to announce this but VietChannel will  be……. shutting down….soon…unless someone plans to take over the editing and writing deal from here (you can email us). It’s just really been hectic here. College aps, work, end of year projects, life…..it’s finally all clashing. :/

However, it has truly been a great 1.3 years with you all!

More details about this decision will hopefully be provided later once we talk to all of our writers.

Sorry again for the inconvenience.

Best regards,


PS: We’ll still be active on Youtube and the interview with Thanh Bui will still be carried out.

Fine. We were kidding. 🙂 VietChannel’s not actually shutting down… but I did get into a car accident today. Honest to God.