Mai Chi, who plays La La in Bo Tu 10A8/ The Four of Class 10A8, glams up for a picturesque photo shoot.

With her pretty face, cute personality and exceptional maturity for a 19 years-old college freshman, Mai Chi  instantly attracted the attention of several famous directors while studying in Ha Noi.  By chance, she received her first acting role as LaLa–a care-free chatterbox with dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Shortly after, she accepted another role as the wife of mentor Tran Thu Do in a celebratory historical TV epic marking the 1000 years anniversary of Thang Long (Ha Noi).

The young actress also opened up to fans about her current schedule. She recently completed her first semester examinations and is traveling to Hue to continue filming for the drama Tran Thu Do.  Her schedule is pretty hectic these days –having to keep up in school while juggling multiple film roles and promotional events. Although the starlet does not have much time to herself anymore, she is managing the stress well and is trying to learn as much as possible through these experiences. As a promise to her parents, finishing school still remains top priority.

Mai Chi is definitely a strong and brave character as she has had to manage a hectic schedule while quietly still grieving the loss of her younger brother and grandma from last year.