Oh no.




The online community was already quite shocked to hear, from earlier this year, that the team will actually have the gut to produce a sequel to such a craptastic 1st one.

According to Yen Trang from just this week, the MV-esque movie is currently in post-production and will be out sometime this April!

Personally, the music (the sequel will see the participation of LK, Bao Thach, & Mr. Bi) and the teaser photos are all that’s there to look forward to. As for everything else, you’d be better off not caring.

L-R: Thien Minh, Yen Trang, Yen Nhi

Anyhow, as nice as the posters are, doesn’t the one above just scream Natalie Portman’s BROTHERS?

C’mon, we’re not dumb.