Ever wondered what Miss World Vietnam 2008 Duong Truong Thien Ly looked like before her beauty queen/celebrity days? Here are some exclusive class photos from Lương Định Của Elementary School (District 3 HCMC) scanned from one of my friends’ Sổ Lưu Niệm (the VietNamese equivalent to a  yearbook).

Well, she looked exactly the same as how I can remember her…except less glam.

In all of my years of also attending the same school with her, Thien Ly was ranked “học sinh giỏi” (Excellent Student) for 5 consecutive years.

Check out the class photos below:

Despite the eye-raping photo quality, can you still take a stab at where she is?

First Grade.

First grade

Answer (the only one in color):

Second Grade:


Third Grade


Fourth Grade


Fifth Grade