Definitely Librarian material

Singer/music producer Ung Hoang Phuc recently revealed that his next big project would be to establish a first-of-its-kind music library in VietNam.

In addition to plans for releasing his next album (a Greatest Hits collection titled “Nhin Lai…Toi Di Tim Toi/Looking Back…Finding Myself“), Phuc hopes to build a large music library in which musicians and artists alike can connect more easily. The current situation in the Vietnamese entertainment industry Phuc explains, is that “there are too many singers who cannot find songs and yet there are young musicians with songs who cannot find singers to perform.”

While new singers are popping up like daisies everywhere, they only seek well-known musicians to write for them. Songwriters like Nguyen Hong Thuan, Nguyen Van Chung, and Dao Trong Thinh have enough on their plates to keep busy and simply cannot fulfill everyone’s request. On the other hand, less popular musicians find it difficult to introduce their songs (and name) to singers.

Upon recognizing this, Phuc sees the need for a place where musicians can introduce their songs and make it easier for singers to find songs that are more suitable to their style.

Ung Hoang Phuc has appointed musician Dao Trong Thinh (composer of Lam Truong‘s “Ngoi Nha Xua”) as his library manager. According to Thinh, “I know how difficult it is for songwriters to break into the industry, and was excited to learn that Ung Hoang Phuc was looking for someone to manage this library.”

The library already has 100 new songs and counting.

Singer/Music Producer Ung Hoang Phuc

Songwriter Dao Trong Thinh

Hmm, a place where people can network…uhh Facebook, LinkedIn, Craigslist, Ebay? Judging from his songs in the past, perhaps Ung Hoang Phuc can use this library for his own singing career…  it’s a thought :).