What used to be called “Shop Sam & Kelly”, is now simply just “Sam’s Boutique” due to Kelly’s withdrawal from the partnership. The once famous pair of best friends have seemingly gone separate ways, though both are still very much there to support each other. Still…you know what they say about working with best friends. DON’T.

Anyway, amongst those who attended the fashion star 08 turned young entrepreneur’s reopening last Tuesday (March 30) were actress Tường Vy, singers Băng Di, Đại Nhân, Hoà Mi & Takej Minh Huy, Hot boy & Yeah1 Teen Face – Kinh Lâm, Hot boy Kelbin, Hot girls Kelly Tú Anh, Albee Tuyền Nguyễn & Fendi, Yeah1’s MC Quỳnh Chi, YanTV’s MC Nam Hee, 2!Dep’s Fashion Stars 09 Vũ Bảo & Albee Ngoc Thao …etc. See photos below: