March 15th is VietNam’s official National Cinema Day and in its attempt to recruit fresh talent (keyword being TALENT), the Vietnamese online newspaper The Gioi Dien Anh (Cinema World) is holding the first casting call for actors and actresses titled, Dien Vien Dien Anh/Truyen Hinh Viet Nam (Vietnamese Actors/Actresses for Movies and Television). The allowed date for application submission is from April 2nd, 2010 through June 30, 2010.

Some requirements for consideration include but are not restricted to:
1. Hold Vietnamese citizenship or be of Vietnamese origin
2. Females of 15 – 30 years of age
Males of 16 – 35 years of age
3. Hold high school diploma or equivalent
4. Applicant must not have any deformities on face and body, have standard pronunciation without any stuttering when speaking and potential/passion to become a successful professional actor/actresses

While the traditional strategy would be to pump investment into developing schools for proper acting training, I guess anything is better than having filmmakers offer roles to washed up singers in hopes that their acting is less cringe-worthy than their singing.

Hotline : 0167 454 6886