The group will cease to perish as far as founding father  Minh Tuan is concerned.

For someone so ‘into deep’ with this field of the industry, one can only relate La Thang to Minh Tuan’s precious baby.  He has nurtured it, watched it grow, watched it sprout wings, and inevitably watched it (or everyone) leave.

With former members like Lieu Anh Tuan, Trinh Thang Binh, and Chi Thien all successfully kicking off their solo careers, I do admit, Minh Tuan has an eye for people.

While Lieu Anh Tuan was one hell of a hardworking performer, Trinh Thang Binh was quite  the young composer. Even Chi Thien, whose signature smile is considered superior to his singing,  actually has a knack for something else–acting (I’m no professional critic, but as an avid Vietnamese drama follower–you name it, I’ve probably seen it before 🙂 — the boy is surprisingly natural…as in the not stiff type. WOAH. I know. SNAPS.) But I’ve digressed.

Real news is, after La Thang’s last member went bye-bye, Minh Tuan still had no intentions of calling it quits. Just recently, he was spotted at Yeah1’s Hot Music show with Saetti Baggio, and 2 other unfamiliar faces–later identified as Nguyên Hiếu & Minh Quyền. Fans claim that these 3  (Baggio included) will make up the new La Thang generation, but Minh Tuan has yet to confirm this. He did, however, confirm that he will be managing a new 5-member La Thang group to be unveiled in May.

Until then, here are some more pictures of the 2 obvious members. (2 because I highly doubt Baggio will actually turn singer. God forbid.)

Nguyen Hieu (& Baggio)

Minh Quyen (& Midu):