But this year’s HTV awards yielded just too many unpleasant sights…

Case in Point: Exhibit A

Comedian Tan Beo thought it’d be cute to live up to his name (Beo = panther…which is almost like a leopard…which..well they’re all cats). Looking as if he belonged more at the zoo than the red carpet, Beo’s horrendous fashion statement definitely claimed his status as Thanh Hang‘s proud successor.

More Guys

Tien Doan appears 10 years older with this warm-gray suit selection.

Kasim must be auditioning for the next New Moon movie. The slick gelled-down hair, pale white face and dark blue suit all have me wondering… where them fangs?

Ho Vinh Khoa looks casually cool in jeans and a baby blue shirt while Quang Vinh looks like he’s in dire need of a good ironing.

While there are parts of me that absolutely loves Thanh Thuc’s outfit,  the other part just want to take a black marker and color in his arm sleeves.  Regardless.. one of the night’s best dressed.

Although Vinh Thuy’s pants are a bit too shiny for my taste, the man’s collective cool definitely got all the lady fans there squealing.

The Ladies:

Cai Luong Singer Que Tran in an elegant-fit Ao Dai/Vietnamese Long Dress. It’s too bad the pattern hogged  all of the attention from her pretty face.

Hoang Yen & Ngoc Quyen are obviously shopping buddies as both turned up with matching  high leg slits, same side-way thigh-flaunting pose and similar footwear.  BTW, black heels do not go with everything.

My Tam had trouble deciding whether or not to sport a tube-top or a complete dress to the show, so she combined the two with the addition of a studded strap to match her shoes.  I didn’t think it was possible to like a dress from the knee down. Love the heels!!

Not repeating last year’s mistake, this year Thanh Hang is an absolute stunner in a lovely soft peach  gown complete with picture-perfect make-up. Definitely the night’s Best-Dressed.

Love the genie-esque top but what’s with the bottom half? Minh Thu looks like she’s smuggling something into the show.

Cao Thuy Duong was too cute in a multi-shades pink gown. Love the the neckline and clutch.

MC Thanh Kim Hue’s red dress would’ve been gorgeous if it weren’t for the hugely distracting flower placed at her left shoulder.

Minh Hang was like a displaced disco ball on the red carpet with this glittery number. Though my eyes are in pain, I do kind of like the dress on her.

I’m not sure if it was a “Thuy Nga” appropriate dress but it is indeed gorg.

Another huge flower to ruin an already ruined dress. Accessorized with the updo, Ngan Khanh doesn’t look far off from a clown. Sorry Tom.

Duyen Anh Idol was absolutely adorable from head-to-toe minus the matte lips and bad nose contouring. Purse’s a plus.

The Paired-Off/Group Pics:

Phung Ngoc Huy and Nguyet Anh both looked awesome from the neck up and from the waist down. As for the mid-section……..gots ta go.

Comedian/Singer Hoai Linh could have picked a better suit but I think he pulled this one off okay. Hong Van, on the other hand, looked award-appropriate in a blue-patterned black Ao Dai.

Khuong Ngoc played it safe in a white shirt-black suit combo while Thanh Truc opted for a pure sheer mess.

Duc Thinh made it a family affair. While his son was adorably dressed (how can anyone bring themselves to criticize mini jumpers and cute little booties??), the wifey must’ve  mistook the red carpet for a wedding aisle.

Johnny Tri Nguyen looks handsome in a plain black suit while Ngo Thanh Van looks worn and tired in an ill-fitting pale pink dress which clearly highlights …..her baby bump?? Maybe it’s just awkward posture and angles but here’s to another scandal in the making…

Binh Minh also sported a white shirt–black suit combo but with a black bow-tie. Beauty Queen Ha Kieu Anh was in a gorgeous low-cut neckline dress. I want!

Thanh Thuy was beautiful in white while Tang Thanh Ha was a vision in orange. Two ladies dressed with class.