We have no idea how people came up with this word nor what it’s supposed to be short for but we’re guessing it’s something along the lines of an Earth-friendly power ranger (out to save the world and whatnot).

Hence the green?

On the morning of April 9th, the nation’s most influential Miss VietNam, Mai Phuong Thuy led approximately 1000 local youths to participate in the “For the City I Love” campaign in Da Nang.

As ambassador of the campaign, our leading Greenager joined her fellow mini-Greenagers in a number of effective activities such as tree-planting in Thanh Nien Park, the repainting Cham Sculpture Museum, cleaning of residential areas, beaches and public areas, as well as cycling for the environment.

Earlier, similar activities promoting the campaign took place in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

The “For the city I love” campaign in Dang Nang will end on  April 30th.

This is the first large program campaign to help the green movement in Vietnam  launched by the UNESCO-CEP Center, in cooperation with the provincial and municipal People’s Committeess,  and the Akzo Nobel Vietnam Paint Company.  The aim is to promote the slogan “Think Green, Live Green” within the community.

Source: TTO; Translated by Mai Huong