It’s enough that he went and replaced the old Tim with a Brock look-a-like. Now, he  even went and replaced  Brock A.T‘s natural waves with a birdnest!

Oh but it doesn’t end there.

In his recently released debut MV, Nhat Trung even felt the need to pitch in a random Miss Teen 09 contestant, namely Yeah1’s popular MC–Quynh Chi, to most likely serve as  PR for his new moneymaker.  Since the MV was actually well-invested, all would’ve been fine even if the song blows.

That was an overestimation.

It not only blew; it STUNK.

The new song “Hai The Gioi/Two Worlds” sounds like a cheap follow-up of his past one-hit wonder “Mot Vong Trai Dat”  for Tim and Minh Hang. In addition, Quynh Chi’s lacking vocals nearly gave me a forehead wrinkle. Listen:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Not even the cute video could save this sinker.

Nhat Trung, dude, not to sound cocky but I think you should hire me as your official adviser. I could probably save you a shitload from just telling you what not to invest in (bottles of gel for AT’s hair and Minh Hang’s whole last album just to name a few).