It hasn’t exactly been confirmed yet but oh c’mon, look how obviously fake this looks:

After last last weekend’s grand opening of VietNam’s first Susilk Co-Creations Salon (April 3rd), the above picture of Ho Ngoc Ha was seen circulating online.

But that’s not the ridiculous news.

What got me puzzled is the fact that some people actually believe this single photo while there were just about another million babybump-less photos of her  from the night. See:

Anyway, besides Sunsilk’s spokesperson Ho Ngoc Ha, international hair professional Thomas Taw, VietNamese Unilever representative, and many other hair stylists, a number of stars like Vĩnh Thụy, Tiến Đoàn, Thanh Thức, Chung Thục Quyên, Hương Giang, Trương Thị May, Vũ Thu Phương, Anh Thư and Ngọc Khánh were also spotted attending.