Same diff.

After an extensive period of offline activities with tours and promo events, Strawberry-girl-turned-Echic-Boi, Khong Tu Quynh, is finally back with a new online release. The track called “Nu Cuoi Tu Quynh/Tu Quynh’s Smile“, is composed by OnlyC and features Only C as well as another uncredited voice which, to us, sounds a lot like Radio Band’s Annie (We could be wrong).

With  a handful of ballad-type comebacks from just this week (oh we’ll get there), Khong Tu Quynh’s  comeback especially stands out, though the song, itself, is nothing too special compared to her previous singles. Simply put, it’s cute.

Khong Tu Quynh will also make her comeback at the H2Teen Concert on  April 24th.

Here are a few photos from her “DL” days.