with Thanh Thao…

Well… kind of.

With the help of model/actor Binh Minh and director Tran Vi My, Thanh Thao decided to invest her time and money into making a video for her single  “Nguoi Thu Ba/The Third Person”.

I’m not  sure  of the exact sequences of the video, but I think the storyline goes something like this:

Once upon a time, there was a lovely music teacher:

Who had a tall and good looking boyfriend:

He proposed and gave her a romantic wedding:

But her happiness was shortlived as the man she thought she loved, already has a family:

And coincidentally, his daughter just happens to so conveniently be one of her  students:

As her lying, cheating husband struggle to keep his perfect life together:

..She rides off  into the sunset in a white moped.

The End.

We’ll find out if I’m right or wrong when the video releases.