Dustin Nguyen‘s anticipated romantic comedy De Mai Tinh (Fool For Love) officially premiered yesterday at Saigon’s Galaxy Nguyen Du cinema. The event attracted many stars such as Johnny Tri Nguyen, Ngo Thanh Van, Takej Minh Huy, Kelly, Thien Minh, Song Yen, A.T, V.Music, Hua Vi Van etc..

Yến Trang Ngô Thanh Vân in quite a shirt…

Kathy Uyên with YanTV MCs, Hoài Nam (right) & Thien Trang (left)

Duong Khac Linh, Nguyen Bao Minh, Dustin Nguyen

DKL, Antoneus Maximus??, DKL’s wife?? eye.dee.kay.

Thao Trang, Viet Ha, Hua Vi Van

Dam Phuong Linh (Hoa Hoc Tro’s H2Teen 09), Thien Minh, Yen Trang, Thien Trang, Yen Nhi, Kelly

Yến Trang Thái Hoà

Unfortunately, with such high anticipations, many were left disappointed. Not because the movie was bad, but because they didn’t even get to see it! About 5 minutes into the movie, the screen grew blurry and audiences were unable to follow  along. The staff tried their best to fix the technical malfunctions but Charlie Nguyen decided to stop the movie altogether to avoid audiences’ bad impressions. He then apologized and promised to bring the movie back soon.

While audiences in Cinema 2 had to leave in disappointment, audiences in Cinema 1 were outrightly enjoying Thai Hoa’s humorous homosexual role as well as Johnny Tri Nguyen’s fruitcake-ness in the movie.

Thao Trang (far left) is the singing voice behind  Kathy Uyen’s movie character.

Johnny Trí Nguyễn & NTV

Charlie Nguyễn & friend

Thanh Duy Idol (right)

Để mai tính also premiered in Hà Nội just hours ago today (April 16th) but will not officially launch nationwide until April  23rd.

The movie, produced by Early Risers Media Group and directed by Charlie Nguyen, revolves around a couple’s romantic obstacles set by opposite social statuses.

Check out the Official Trailer:

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