DN Investment Media Company was inaugurated in town earlier last month, announcing two of its projects, a music tour for students by singer Sy Luan and a reality show called “Superstar Bands” in collaboration with WMA Records Company of singer Ung Hoang Phuc.

DN Investment Company will be dedicated to organizing events, road shows and music shows and producing reality shows, films for television and entertainment programs.

“First, we will focus on young people, teenagers, potential customers of music shows and TV films, of which most are students who need a healthy playground for arts. We will move to enterprises via marketing strategies to promote brand names of young enterprises and create a linking bridge for them,” said Vo Uyen Dung, vice director of the company.

The music tour for students will be launched this month, taking place at high schools and universities nationwide. “I used to be a poor student, so I understand the hardships of students. That’s why I am making a tour visiting schools and universities. I will also cooperate with other enterprises to offer student loans to buy laptops in support of their studies,” said singer Sy Luan.

Also at this meeting, singer/producer Ung Hoang Phuc officially announced his plans to organize the competition Supperstar Bands in hopes of searching for and developing new idol groups in Vietnam (think: MTV’s Making the Band). “We will hold a contest to find young music talents. But after the awards, I will not let them forget their passion but will give them a chance to develop their talents and passion for music.” Phuc expressed.

Final selected candidates will proceed to become an invested trainee at WMA Records.

Source: Saigon Times Online