Sy Luan‘s exclusive singer/student turned popular TV actress will be making her way back onto music stages this year.

For those that haven’t the slightest clue who we’re talking about, you might recognize her from this video 2 years ago:

If that still doesn’t ring a bell, then let’s get acquainted:

Some years ago, a girl named Jenny Hai Yen officially became musician Sy Luan‘s first and only mentee. Kicking off her career as a singer, Jenny has been recognized for only one hit up to date–“Em Chi La Ban Than/I’m Only a Best Friend” (the one shown above) composed by Sy Luan.

One of the first public appearances with Sy Luan at a fan meeting when he was still with Chanh Nam Entertainment.

Despite the inactivity, she became a popular spokesperson for many trusted brand products including Panasonic.

After awhile, Jenny even made a successful crossover to the televised industry. One of her first TV roles was  as an MC on 1,2,3! Vietnam.

She, then, often appeared in gameshows like…

Dua Tai Am Thuc:

Nhip Dam Me

With Sy Luan

2! Idol

Hat Voi Ngoi Sao

And well.. you get the point.

Most recently, Jenny is co-starring alongside  Ngan Khanh, Ha Kieu Anh, and Pham Thanh Thao, who make up the four main characters in the TV series, Hanh Phuc Co That. Her dedication to the role consumed most of her time for 2009.

L-R (in dresses): Jenny, Ha Kieu Anh, Pham Thanh Thao, Ngan Khanh

Point is, after Hanh Phuc Co That, it was announced that Jenny will soon return to her roots. Though personally, I think her acting is superior to her singing in terms of quality, let’s hope this decision will bring forth substantial products.

Quick Profile:
Full Name: Huỳnh Thanh Hải Yến
Nickname : Jenny
Birthday: September 4,1987
Family: Mom, Dad, and 2 younger siblings
Favorite Singer: Morcheeba
Favorite Genre: Pop, Jazz; R&B
Favorite Food: Bún bò, phở.
MC on Shows: Thế giới trẻ, Khuấy động nhịp đam mê
Endorsements: Hello Ramen, Active Chanh Muối drink, Close up, Rexona, BGI beer, Rexona
Movies: Chỗ chỉ có 1 người/Place Where There Was Only 1 Person, Đời cần có nhau/We Need Each Other in Life, Hạnh Phúc Có Thật/Happiness is Real.