For traffic violations of all things.

Not only were the two scandalously spotted weaving in and out of traffic practically claiming the whole road (or so reported) but apparently they were also a public hazard. Fans driving past would curiously stare resulting in a disturbance of traffic flow. But after Tim (Cat Vu) was pulled over by a cop and asked to present his paperwork, to which he provided in full, all was dandy again.

So what exactly was the deal?

The two were, in actuality, shooting for this little collaboration teaser:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You can even notice some of the commotion, intentionally included, at the end of the clip.

With both of their comebacks from earlier this month (KTQ with “Tu Quynh’s Smile” and Tim with “Co Mot Tinh Yeu“), this newly matched pair will definitely become the talk of week/month.

Khong Tu Quynh also revealed how the collaboration came about, “I’ve known Tim for a while now, but we rarely get opportunities to just sit and chat. Once when I was performing in the North, I coincidentally met him there. While on deck, we (KTQ, her manager, and Tim) got to talking and after awhile, found ourselves embarkingĀ  onĀ  a duet project together. This will yield many surprises so just wait and see!”

Let’s hope so.