We’ll make this short and simple. Ho Ngoc Ha has finally spoken up regarding her baby scandal and let’s just say,  fans were totally caught off guard.

To everyone’s surprise, she confirmed that she IS pregnant and will be awaiting motherhood. She will most likely temporarily reside in the States until the baby’s birth and further expressed that due to her silence, she was manipulated by the media and her dignity was insulted. This is why she felt it necessary to speak up not just for herself, but to show her respect towards those that are supporting her. They have the right to know the truth, and apparently the media’s current judgments are totally out of the ball park (though they did strike at the pregnancy news rather accurately).

The star also added, that she is somewhat satisfied with her career right now and that it is about time for the baby–not because boyfriend Cuong Dollar showered her with houses and cars like people claim (to which she retaliated that must she have to publicize her bills and bank notes to prove that what she has now is the result of her working 10 times as  much as normal people?) but because  it was fated so.

“It was out of love that I am having my baby. It doesn’t matter what period of time it is or how big of a setback to my career this decision will cause. This child will come into being under the love of its parents.”

She was also questioned about a wedding date though none has been revealed so far.