As in casts for their sprained ankles:

On Sunday afternoon (April 18), while playing soccer with some of his model friends, Vinh Thuy fell injured to a sprained ankle. The wound, though not too serious, caused many cancellations to Vinh Thuy’s plans. Ironically, many wouldn’t believe this and claimed he was only “calling in sick”  to dodge event invites.

Coincidentally, on that same day, Ngo Thanh Van also came down with a sprained ankle (right foot) while over-practicing for her performance on the celebrity dancing show Buoc Nhay Hoan Vu/Dancing With the Stars. Van surprisingly endured the pain until the very end of her Quickstep dance performance. During the judging segment, viewers were  even more moved to see Ngo Thanh Van being carried out onto the dance floor by her very thoughtful dancing partner, Tihomir Romanov (aka Tisho).

Johnny boy oh Johnny boy.

PS: And the results for Sunday is as follows:

That means farewell to Vu Hoang Diep.