New Bay Area-based hiphop label, 454 Life entertainment, is on a roll since their debut more than 2 months ago. Following their fresh family joint, “Go Hard”, the company has been teasing of many new interesting projects like “We Get Money” featuring G. Malone & Matt Blaque, “I Don’t See Nothin’ Wrong” featuring Bobby Valentino, “We International” featuring Freeway, and especially Vietnamese rapper Thai’s “I’ma be the Best” featuring  Michelle Martinez with MV guest appearance by the infamous Cung Le.

10 years ago, Thai created a track titled “VietNamese Gang” which recieved more than 1 million downloads.

454’s CEO, Chris Luu, shared with us, “About 2 years ago I started to youtube Asian/Vietnamese rap. I saw Thai’s name, And it came up often….About 5 months ago we met for the first time. I guess we really hit it off and got along. Saw the same visions and path that we wanted to take. 2 months ago I started 454 Life Entertainment. I signed Thai, Drew Deezy, Nump Trump, Iz, and in Vietnam Ung Dai Ve, and J lee.”

Thai’s “I’ma Be the Best” will be of the inspirational sort. “Its about being the best. Being the best that you can be so naturally I thought of Cung Le…” Likewise, who better to represent than the MMA champion himself?

The video will debut soon and  might also be launched on Zing.mp3.