If you were planning on listening to Hoang Thuy Linh‘s much publicized comeback album but never got around to doing so yet, here’s your chance.

Personally, I think the album truly reflects her desire to live a new normal life while also yearning  for the public’s acceptance. However, my 2 cents say screw the latter.  The girl can do whatever she wants as long as it’s legal. I’d rather hold her guilty for making a not-so-wise decision (to ever for a second let anyone record you during such a private state of intimacy) than for actually committing the act. Just think…if this was America, her 2 years of fame would hardly last 2 days what with Vanessa Hudgens as competition (no offense of course 😉 ).

Anyhow, I must say, this album is worth a listen. I find it to be a surprisingly fresh comeback.

01.Nhip Dap Giac Mo/Beat of Dreams (composer: Lưu Thiên Hương)

An album’s first single is usually the catchiest on the list and I must agree..this song’s got an “it” factor. Underground composer Luu Thien Huong did an exceptional job incorporating the non-cliche lyrics into these modern beats.

02. Cam On Vi Yeu EM/Thank You For Loving Me (composer: Lưu Thiên Hương)

This one’s a bit on the insignificant side until the beautiful chorus kicks in. Though it’s clear that  a lot of emotions went into her executing this song,  Linh’s small range in vocals  can only reflect so much.

03. Rung Dong/Shaken (composer: Nguyễn Đức Cường)

Nguyen Duc Cuong’s very cute pop-rock depiction of an innocent first crush definitely does Linh’s voice justice. It’s also always great to hear some lively electronic guitar riffs make its way into Vpop.

04. Nghe Nay Chang Trai/Listen Boy (composer: Đông Nhi)

Meh to this one, too much of a typical auto-tune club dance song…..though I must admit, this is quite an interesting 180 change from Dong Nhi’s usual heartfelt compositions.

05. Anh Có Nhớ Gì?/Do You Remember Anything? (composer: Lưu Thiên Hương)

From just the trailer, this was actually the song I first assumed was  Dong Nhi’s. The song is a well blend of eerie and sentimental.

06. Tìm Lại Tình Yêu/Rediscovering Love (composer: Nguyễn Đức Cường)

Nguyen Duc Cuong’s beats are certainly top-notch. However, Linh’s “Oh oh oh” and “Tim lai tinh yeu” parts are a bit too fragile & throaty (respectively) for my taste.

07. Khoc Lan Cuối/Crying for the Last Time (composer: Bùi Anh Dũng)

08. Cho Nhau Loi Di Rieng/Accepting Each Other’s Separate Paths  (composer: Đông Nhi)

Definitely a typical Dong Nhi song. I can’t help but imagine how different it would be with Dong Nhi’s voice instead, though that doesn’t mean HTL did not do a lovely job. This  well-written ballad has been predicted by many to  be a sure future hit and I’d have to concur.

09. Duoi Anh Nến/Under the Candlelight (composer: Lưu Thiên Hương)

10. Phía Sau Ánh Sáng/Behind the Light (composer: Nguyễn Đức Cường)

11. Ngày Hạnh Phúc/A Happy Day (composer: Lưu Thiên Hương)

Indeed a smart pick to wrap up the album. With such positive energy, realistic lyrics,  and a damn catchy beat to boot, this closer clearly implies her renewed outlook towards  a brighter (and less scandalous) career.

In the wise and cutely mistranslated words of Khong Tu Quynh, Try to Up (Co len) girl. 😉