It’s been a longg while since the last time we did this, but here’s a new batch for our fellow underground Vpop fans. The following songs were randomly selected and is in no specific order. In addition to our recent slack, this post will also contain random tidbits of semi-significant & out-of-date news.

1. Thu Ha Noi – Yanbi ft. Mr. T

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Mr. T (Tằng Quốc Anh), composer of this underground hit, used to be a member of Northern hiphop crew x4 Band for 2 years (07-09) but is currently now a part of Joker’s Rule. He has helped produce many commercial jingles and soundtracks including for TV series, Mùa hè sôi động/Exciting Summer (2009) and, most recently, for VietNam’s first ever  hiphop movie Bụi Đường/Street Dust to hit theaters later  in the year.

2. Nevermore – Vu Hanh Nguyen

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Nevermore is sang by the same girl who released “The boy so hot“- a rather awkward and ineffective response to Hoang Hai and Manh Quan‘s controversial “Hot Girl” song. Though, I personally dislike her voice…and her in general, I must admit she sounds great in this rare Touliver-composition.

To pursue an actual mainstream career, Vu Hanh Nguyen decided to make the classic move down South to expose herself to the Saigonese market. It was reported that she has joined V.T Entertainment (currently managing Chi Thien, Bang Di, Hoa Mi, & Dai Nhan), but we have yet to see her as an active member.

Hanh plans to release a mini album of 5 song, 2 bonus tracks, and 1 MV soon.

3. Nguoi La Noi Cuoi Con Duong/Stranger at the End of the Road – JayTee ft. LK

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Originally known as JayTee (JT) and Lil Knight (LK), both have randomly declared the new and revised names to their previous abbreviations as JustaTee and Lady Killah. Though I still absolutely refuse to convert, this new duo’s definitely my favorite thing since peanut butter and jelly.

It was also revealed that they are currently producing a MV for the song (featuring hot girl Linh Wang).

The song claimed #1 on XoneFM’s Top 10 music chart this week and has been very  well-recieved online and offline.

In other news, LK has even created his own little music family called LadyKillah Production uniting  popular young Northern artists like JayTee, Mr.J, Mr.A, Mr.T, Bueno, Ellian, Emily Huong Ly, Big Daddy, Ujino, KenY…

Mr. A

4. Troi Oi/Oh Heavens! – Le Cat Trong Ly

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Technically, Le Cat Trong Ly isn’t really an underground artist. Yet, I feel that this song is. “Chenh Venh” might be Ly’s most famous  hit but “Troi oi” is the underrated player that stole my heart and hid it on Cloud 9.  The song is a very chillax accoustic ballad. It is so lyrically poetic that to the untrained ear, it’s hard to even know what to appreciate. I mean…I, myself, am still trying to discover the song wholeheartedly.

What particularly makes Ly so unique though, is her perfectly fragile voice–it’s light in volume, fair in expressions, and heavy in passion. She hits the right notes (referencing live performances) and enunciates so beautifully, I find myself sighing “Troi oi!” right along.

5. Da King Iz Back – Young Uno

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So I actually have no new news on Young Uno… besides the fact that he composed Takej Minh Huy’s song called “Am Nhac Cua Toi (Hot Music)”. The MV for the song was finally released last week after much delay.  Personally, I think the song is too Uno style and therefore did not fit Takej. The English intro, in particular, is something I would excuse if coming from Uno…However, Takej’s spin on it made me cringe.

Despite, Uno’s still a beast at mixing beats and that’s hard denying (ie. “Da King Iz Back). Takej on the other hand should stick to Vietnamese…. and shaving his eyebrows.