In the conservative country where sex education is taboo, rapper Kim and famous B-boy crew Big Toe are willing to take initiative by personally reaching out to the younger generation through a nationwide sex-ed tour organized by Come Together! which is to then become a film documentary.

Episode 1 with English subtitles:

Episode 2:

Come Together! is a ten-year communications Initiative (2010 – 2019) that seeks to enable the youth of Vietnam to improve their quality of life and to contribute to the nation’s development.  Unlike ever before, this Initiative aims to promote self-efficacy and self-help rather than mere assistance.

In hopes of creating a setting where Vietnamese youths are able to achieve long-lasting social and economic benefits through the creation of necessary resources for innovative communications and collaborative action, Come Together will pioneer an approach that encourages them to invest in their own development and ignite change through their own imagination, creativity & collaboration via media, art, citizen agency & social entrepreneurship.

This will in turn  unlock opportunities that will allow them to transform their ideas for social change into concrete action that benefits all of society.

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