During singer Dam Vinh Hung‘s Hanoi fanclub meeting on April 25th,  one sly fan managed to raise the classic question  “When will we be hearing happy news from you? (relationship-wise)”. Though quite surprised by the question, Mr. Dam responded with his own surprise:

“I think everyone will have to settle down for a family eventually. For singers like us, once married, we will lose large amounts of fans. Even if you think it doesn’t matter much, it does and that’s certain. Sometimes, because of our careers, we have to set our personal lives aside. It’s not an easy thing to do. But we will have to run out of energy sooner or later and that’s when we should find a happy home to return to at the end of the day.  To me, there is no better time than next year. Next year I will get married. In 2012, I will have my first child and I’ll show my child to the public if I could.” o.O .

Mr. Dam also mentioned that he wants to keep his fiance’s identity unrevealed until the wedding next year. Fans  left and right were guessing My Tam (they have history though most of it just involved him wooing and her rejecting:)) but he denied, “There are many women out there, why does it have to be My Tam?”

Besides My Tam, many others are convinced that his secret girlfriend is actress Quynh Tu.

Many artists in the industry insist that he does have some kind of a special relationship with Quynh Tu in contrast to his friendly relationships with other female singers like Hong Ngoc, Le Quyen. They have planned many charity events together but none have happened due to unknown reasons. Also, because Mr. Dam usually never hides his relationships yet he rarely talks about Quynh Tu, the public is even more suspicious of their relationship.

Furthermore, many have noticed Quynh Tu’s gifts at every one of Mr. Dam’s Northern shows. She was even the co-manager of  his 5th anniversary Hanoi fan-club meeting held at Bee Club Cafe. It was reported that she showed up very early to prepare for the event even before Dam Vinh Hung arrived. From lighting to sound check, to everything else, Quynh worked free of charge. She also sent him his favorite flower, white orchids, and sat in the first row  to readily take care of him while he was on stage.

If that wasn’t already enough, Mr. Dam was recently quoted complimenting Northern girls,”I like their politeness and gracefulness. They always respectfully say ‘da.’ and ‘va^ng’  in every sentence. I’ve been to many places but I still love the way northern girls talk the most.” The statement only further confirmed rumors since Quynh Tu is a 100% northern girl from Ninh Binh.

FYI: Actress Quỳnh Tứ
Movies participated: “Chuyện trầu cau”, “Trăng lạnh”, “Vàng rỉ”, “Những cánh hoa bay”…
She is currently working for Ocean Bank, co manager of Bee Club Cafe’ with singer Le Anh Dung and is the share holder of Cay Thi Nutrition Co.