Tim and Khong Tu Quynh, apparently.

It was recently confirmed that the MV for Khong Tu Quynh and Tim‘s new “Khong Gioi Han” single will finally hit e-portals this month. Along with the news, another teaser video of our highly anticipated  duo was also uploaded. However, fans were informed that the footage in this video will not be in the actual MV–as with the background insert song (“Apologize” by One Republic).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Through this well-received duet, fans were also interested in the two’s first thoughts towards each other. Here’s what was dished:

KTQ towards Tim:

Ga lăng (we don’t have a direct translation for this word but it is derived from the English word Gallant, therefore the Vietnamese meaning isn’t too far off from the original meaning. It’s usually used to describe a guy that’s very gentlemanly or knows how to woo a girl)

Tim really knows how to take care of others, especially females. During breaks, he would always give me his resting spot in the shade while he, himself, would endure the beaming sun. He would also always open the door for me. Ga Lang expert!

Nhường nhịn (again, no direct translation but it’s a very good quality that means something along the lines of being willingly submissive to make others happy.)

It’s funny. Everytime he says something shocking, I’ll hit his back. Each time, he’ll just exclaim, “That hurts em oi!” but have never been angry about it. Guess he’s gotten too used to it.

Phong trần

He’s very man, not the typical “student” type or the “prince-syndrome” type.

Easy to get Along With

It’s only my first time working with him , I didn’t expect us to connect so well. In the MV, we worked in the manner of “throw-catch” (meaning they adlib alot, one leads and the other follows it up). Therefore, there were many improv -ing scenes not in the script.


He can forget to eat because of work. We filmed for one whole day, and from dawn to dusk he didn’t even eat or drink anything. I, at least, managed to squeeze in some fruits and milk,  but Tim forgot to eat completely!

Tim towards KTQ:

Full of Personality

Quynh is a dynamic character. Just like her current Echic Boi concept–a bit groundbreaking, bold, and doesn’t remind me of anyone else. She’s also very straightforward, if she doesn’t like something, she’ll say so. I like people like that.

Not Afraid of High Speeds

When we were riding the motorcycle and Mustang, she kept telling me to go faster!

Lazy Eater

Seeing how skinny she is, it’s already obvious that she’s a lazy eater. During filming, she  had but a single box of milk and some fruits.


Quynh might be outgoing and not afraid of high speeds, but she is terribly afraid of little crawlers like cockroaches & worms. I learned of this while completing the photo shoot with her. Miss Echic nearly cried.


She understands quickly, and acts very well. This is a rare strength for singers since that’s not even their field to begin with.