After the release of the extremely disappointing album, Showtime, in 2007, Andy is finally back with an original product.


We were impressed.

With his departure from Van Son Entertainment and joining First Class International, it was said that Andy now has much more creative freedom. First Class Intl’s Creative Chief Officer, Timothy Wynn, shared with us, “On behalf of the team, we aim to make music for the Vietnamese people not only in the United States and Vietnam but globally. Our dream is to have Vietnamese music to be known worldwide.”

Andy worked with producer Huynh Nhat Tan to bring forth 12 brand new tracks (2 bonus if you buy  the physical hard disk instead of on itunes, but these are cover duets which means a total of 14 songs).

The overall album is definitely your typical Andy album with a mix of R&B, Ballad and Hip Hop supported by rapper Thai Foon whose first time rapping in Vietnamese was for the track “Nho/Remember”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

My personal  favorite track is “Hua De Roi Quen” ft. Thai Foon

You can also check out “Niu Keo Lam Chi/Let’s Not Hold On” and “De Em Ra Di/Letting You Go”, both written by Andy & Huynh Nhat Tan.

“AQ3” was officially released on May 6, 2010. CDs are now available in local retail stores, iTunes and CDBaby.