…as announced on May 2nd during her fanclub meeting at Yumme Donut.

To hardly anyone’s surprise (crossing over is an overplayed ceremonial process in the world of showbiz), Zing revealed last week that the rising young actress already has some kind of a full album up her sleeves. But instead of her singing, I’m more dubious towards herย  musical concept considering the squeaky clean image she’s maintained.ย  Don’t get me wrong, I love the girl (no homo). But honestly, a “Miss Goody 2 shoes” or “Little Miss Sunshine” standing on stage, singing about heartbreak does not sound all too enthralling. Whatever the case, we’ll see soon enough.

Other stars present at the meeting include actress/singer Mai Phuong, actress Nha Phuong, singer Ngo Trac Linh, musician Nguyen Van Chung, and teen icons Anh Quoc & Pham Thanh Tam.

YanTV MC Phi Hoang (left) & Mai Phuong (middle)

Thanh Tam & Nguyen Van Chung (composer of the major hit "Vang Trang Khoc")


Midu & Anh Quoc

Thanh Tam and Anh Quoc