In a brand new Heart to Heart episode with Kristine Sa, Vbiz’s hottest single MILF Viet Thi (of course Hien Thuc comes dangerously close in 2nd; no homo) finally agreed to get personal on live TV for the first time since  her divorce  with actor Johnny Tri Nguyen 5 years ago.

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Though most of us were aware of this public scandal back then, none outside of the ring truly knew of the details since both parties would rather lay low. This, in turn, resulted in a long-winding aftermath of outrage, confusion, and everything inbetween.

5 years later, we’re finally getting the official “she-said” story and fans are just as shocked as if this news only broke out yesterday. But just so it’s fair, we’d love to hear the He-said story too.

Anyway, to sum up what was shown in the 9-minute preview above: Johnny boy was a serial player with an epic history of hairdos. The interview might be sad and serious in tone but how’s a girl to keep a straight face when he’s sporting such do’s as these?

I call this the "almost Fabio Lanzoni".

and this, the "Domyouji"


Perhaps the full interview (which will be out by Monday) will spill even more of his oldschool looks. I for one am looking forward to it.

Hat tip to Miss Unknown.