Where can you find a cuter pair of acting sisters under one roof?


Lap Trinh Cho Trai Tim/Programming The Heart‘s successful male lead, Minh Tiep, already beat everyone to the punch by recruiting 2 of the most promising young actresses to represent his new talent agency.

But now as family members, Mai Chi (Bo Tu 10a8, Tran Thu Do) and Midu (Thien Than Ao Trang, Co Nang Toc Roi) had to first get acquainted with each other. To do so, Minh Tiep and Mai Chi personally flew down South to visit the Saigonese Midu.

It seems that through this first-ever meeting, the girls hit it off well and instantly became friends. Heck, there was even an on-the-spot mini-shoot to serve as proof in case we ever, for some odd reason, decide to doubt this:

What’s there to doubt?