Last night’s 4th annual Dem Hoi Chan Dai 4 model event saw the attendance of more than 200 guests including many popular super models, Miss(es) Vietnam, famous designers and young models…

Dem Hoi Chan Dai is a gala for practitioners in Fashion to meet and exchange experiences. This is the 4th time Venus Co. has hosted this event, promising to bring only the best to the show. In charge of directing is director Long Khan and designer Hoang Hai.

With the night’s theme being “Toa Sang Phong Cach/Shining in Style”, super models came to polish their position in the industry–from models to rising actors/actresses: like Lan Hương, Thái Hà, Như Thảo, Ngọc Oanh, Minh Triệu, Vĩnh Thụy, Anh Tuấn, Quang Thịnh, Sơn Tùng, Xuân Thu

Besides, this year’s Dem Hoi Chan Dai is also an opportunity for prospective models to show their strutting skills. They were chosen by the judges committee which includes well-known names such as Vu Thu Phuong, Jennifer Pham, photographer Nguyen Long , etc. One of the 5 most highly rated new models is Huynh Tien (14 yrs old) who is only in junior high but is standing at 180cm tall. Mr. Vu Khac Tiep, president of Venus Co. noted that she would bring  a different taste to this event.

Miss Earth Philippine 09 Sandra  Seifert, Miss International Thailand 09 Chutima Drondej,  Miss International Thailand 07  Farung Yuthithum, and Miss Indonesia 09 Kerenina Sunny Halim were also present at this event.

Other than Hoang Hai (the main designer), wardrobe was provided by many new names such as Quynh Paris, Chung Thanh Phong and world famous fashion line Kenzo.

̣ This event took place at the White Palace (HCMC) on May 14th.