The hallux did, to be exact.

Vietnamese hip-hop troupe, Big Toe, won the first regional championship on May 15 in Malaysia to take part in the world hip-hop championship in South Korea this July.

Big Toe was established in November 1992 with seven members. The dance troupe currently has hundreds of members and is the top hip-hop dance group in Vietnam currently holding many prizes in Vietnam.

Big Toe has taken part in the Southeast Asia hip-hop championship several times, but this is the first time they have won.

This year the crew defeated Indonesia’s Rebelz In Rhythm, Laos’ Laobangfail, Thailand’s 99 Flava, Taiwan’s Soulfresh, Singapore’s Floor Technologies, Malaysia’s Wakaka Fever and Giller Battle to win the first prize.

The troupe will return to Vietnam on May 19 to begin immediate preparations for the world championship in South Korea.

“To have today’s victory, we climbed the mountain day by day and I believe that, once we have reached its peak, we will be more confident to conquer higher mountains,” asserted troupe leader Viet Thanh.

Congratulations to the boys!