It might not be long ago that Luong Bang Quang began promoting the music video trailers for his new single “Khat Khao Trong Dem Lanh/Thirsting in the Cold Night“, but it seems that the MV had already once aired on the TV show, Nhip Cau Nghe Sy, where fans were quickly able to retrieve it online.

However, because these Vietnamese TV stations still refuse to update their oldschool online media players, please pardon the janky quality.

Perhaps when the MV is officially released online, we will actually get to make out what’s going on. Here are the 2 trailers:

The “do-it-all-himself” artist reveals in an interview with Zing that he will also be releasing another MV for the extremely soothing but catchy self-composition, “Ngọt ngào/Suave” (literal translation is ‘sweet’ but as a single English term, it doesn’t seem to fit), where he  will once again produce everything, himself. Here is the song:

Hat tip to Ph@n for the trailers!