Right after his “Mot Ngay De Yeu Thuong/One Day to Love” liveshow wrapped up in Quy Nhon, online magazine Phụ Nữ TP.HCM announced on May 18th that the crooner plans to sue popular Fashion magazine DEP for slander (sorry we meant libel). 

In Quang Dung‘s exact words,  the article “smeared his honor and denied his efforts”. Simultaneously, as a person of the public, Quang Dung predicts this article to be a great threat to his career therefore wanting a formal apology from the magazine.

Here are a few excerpts from the article in question titled “Quang Dũng – Chàng tỉnh lẻ lên phố thành sao/Provincial Boy goes to the City & Becomes a Star” :

Quang Dung sings with soul, with love, and his own feelings but his technique is lacking and too instinctive.

If he were to instinctively sing but made it sound more natural upon the ear, that’s not a problem. Conversely, Quang Dung’s pronunciation is crude- perhaps because he is from the Central region. His stiff jaw which weighs and measures while also grinding every word make it very annoying to tougher critics. Some even say that Quang Dung sounds like he’s singing with a mouthful of gravel, it seems like he strains hard just to get a word out….a distorted word out that is.


With his already released products, we can assess that Quang Dung’s creativity in his music is limited despite wanting to try new things and having tried new things. Perhaps trying new things, for him, is simply recording and releasing any song that he hasn’t sang yet?


We can sketch a formula to his fame like so:  bright stage presence + moderate singing voice + classy songs + lots of  feelings + luck. The idea is simple, but in reality, looking back at the Vietnamese ballad scene makes it evident. No other male singer in the same music path as his with such prominent factors exists.

While the official complaints have not been sent yet and Quang Dung is still exchanging with his lawyer, DEP magazine quickly reacted by sending a document to the press agency clarifying: the article regarding Quang Dung  was not wrong, it was  properly published  while abiding all press processes. In addition this article was written by  a reputable & professional writer  therefore any judgments  cannot claim that this article is irresponsible and unprofessional.

However, according to lawyer Lê Văn Kiên and head lawyer Phạm Hồng Hải & associates, Quang Dung has a very high chance of winning in this case.

Still, the future of this litigation remains uncertain and if it will be anything like previous legal proceedings V-biz has encountered, we can already conclude this much:  the ending will be a quiet &  insignificant one compared to its heavily publicized beginning stages. Take Tim (Cat Vu) and Thien Thi Corp for example.

The real question here is, does Quang Dung’s singing really sound like a mouthful of gravel?

Source: Phap Luat